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Warning! Page contains a lot of large images and animations of the flash and .gif kind. Please be patient while the page loads. Take care if you suffer from epileptic seizures


CAP4034 – Computer Animation was a course I took in the Spring Semester of 2011. We started with 2d photo manipulation using GIMP and ended with 3d Animation in 3ds Max. I had entered the class with workable knowledge of GIMP and Adobe Flash, but had absolutely no experience working with 3d art, so the latter half of the course was very illuminating. I left with a new found appreciation of artists who can work in 3d, because I found it a difficult process that involved more than I had initially thought.


Software Used: GIMP
Description: I edited the “Before” photo by changing the background (I used another picture and cut out the background of the original picture) and the text on the sign.

Before After
FAU Sign: Before Editing FAU Sign: After Editing


Animated .GIF #1

Software Used: GIMP, Adobe Photoshop CS4
Description: Create an animated gif from a set of pictures involving a frog and an airplane. I did some extra motion tweening in Adobe Photoshop.

Resources Frog with Shadow GIF Airplane
Results Frogplane Skydiving


Animated GIF #2

Software Used: Adobe Photoshop CS4
Description: I was given a large photo of cards lined up in a square that I had to cut out and clean up to achieve a smooth animation.

Before After
Cards Before Cleanup Cards After Cleanup
Cards Extra Animation


Flash Tweens

Software Used: Adobe Flash CS4
Description: The assignment was to create an animation that used motion and shape tweens. I think my shape tween was a bit too ambitious, but I’m not a huge fan of Flash’s shape tween to begin with. You can’t really control the way the program interpolates the frames. Also the eye-blinking were done as separate video clips.


Flash With Actionscript

Software Used: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4
Description: Next is a Flash Animation that is controlled in some way by actionscript. This is the “Cloud Cooker”. You can create 45 different animations by using the green Color and Shape buttons. Press color to start the cooker. Clicking the cloud shapes will erase them from the screen. Motion tweens and shape tweens (used to better effect) were used.

Cloud Cooker AS3 Code


	//import fl.controls.Button;
	import flash.display.MovieClip;

	public class Main extends MovieClip
		var shapeList:Array;
		var colorList:Array;

		//position of Cloud produced from machine
		const CLOUD_X:int = 400;
		const CLOUD_Y:int = 200;

		public function Main()
			this.addEventListener("cookerPrimed", onCookerPrimed);
			cookerShapeButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onShapeButtonClick);
			cookerColorButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onColorButtonClick);
			cookerCookButton.addEventListener(MouseEvent.CLICK, onCookButtonClick);
			shapeList = new Array("Elephant", "Cloud", "Sheep", "Cat", "Star");
			colorList = [["White",0xFFFFFF], ["Red", 0xCC0000], ["Yellow", 0xFFFF00], ["Pink",0xFF3366],
						 ["Green", 0x006600],["Purple", 0x330066], ["Orange", 0xFF6600], ["Blue", 0x0000CC], ["Grey", 0xCCCCCC]];

		function onShapeButtonClick(event:MouseEvent):void
			//cycle through shapes
			shapeText.text = shapeList[0];

		function onColorButtonClick(event:MouseEvent):void
			//cycle through colors
			colorText.text = colorList[0][0];
		function onCookButtonClick(event:MouseEvent):void
			cookerCookButton.enabled = false;
		function onCookerPrimed(event:Event)

			switch (shapeList[0])
				//"Elephant", "Cloud", "Sheep", "Cat", "Star"
				case "Elephant":
				trace("Elephant selected");
				var elephant:Elephant = new Elephant();
				elephant.x = CLOUD_X;
				elephant.y = CLOUD_Y;
				elephant.width = elephant.width - 50;
				elephant.height = elephant.height - 50;
				var elephantColor:ColorTransform = elephant.transform.colorTransform;
				elephantColor.color = colorList[0][1];
				elephant.transform.colorTransform = elephantColor;

				case "Cloud":
				trace("Cloud selected");
				var cloud:Cloud = new Cloud();
				cloud.x = CLOUD_X;
				cloud.y = CLOUD_Y;
				var cloudColor:ColorTransform = cloud.transform.colorTransform;
				cloudColor.color = colorList[0][1];
				cloud.transform.colorTransform = cloudColor;

				case "Sheep":
				trace("Sheep selected");
				var sheep:Sheep = new Sheep();
				sheep.x = CLOUD_X;
				sheep.y = CLOUD_Y;
				sheep.width = sheep.width - 50;
				sheep.height = sheep.height - 50;
				var sheepColor:ColorTransform = sheep.transform.colorTransform;
				sheepColor.color = colorList[0][1];
				sheep.transform.colorTransform = sheepColor;

				case "Cat":
				trace("Cat selected");
				var cat:Cat = new Cat();
				cat.x = CLOUD_X;
				cat.y = CLOUD_Y;
				cat.width = cat.width - 50;
				cat.height = cat.height - 50;
				var catColor:ColorTransform = cat.transform.colorTransform;
				catColor.color = colorList[0][1];
				cat.transform.colorTransform = catColor;

				case "Star":
				trace("Star selected");
				var star:Star = new Star();
				star.x = CLOUD_X;
				star.y = CLOUD_Y;
				var starColor:ColorTransform = star.transform.colorTransform;
				starColor.color = colorList[0][1];
				star.transform.colorTransform = starColor;

				trace("Not Cloud");


			cookerCookButton.enabled = true;


Flash Scene

Software Used: Adobe Flash CS4, Adobe Photoshop CS4
Description: We were allowed to do any animation we wanted using any kind of program. I decided to use Flash to make a more advanced animation. Walk cycles are serious business folks.


3d Pencil

Software Used:3ds Max
Description: First 3D assignment. The goal was to create a simple object.

3Ds Max Pencil
3Ds Max Pencil Lower Back


3d Crystal Ball

Software Used:3ds Max
Description: Second 3D assignment, next we were supposed to color an object with a pattern

3Ds Max Crystal Ball
3Ds Max Crystal Ball Top


3D Room

Software Used: 3Ds Max
Description: This assignment used textures and effects to create a room.


3D Animation

Software Used: 3Ds Max
Description: We were running out of time at the end of semester but we were able to get into the basics of lighting and camera work to pull off simple animations.